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Bar Supply Essentials

8 Oct 2019, 12:47 PM

Bar Supply Essentials

Glass Washers

Most pubs outside of major cities do not have the economic ability to hire a dishwasher. Instead, the responsibility falls on other staff members: waiters, bartenders, maintenance workers, and chefs. Doing the washing up may not seem like that big a task until you realise just how many glasses you go through in an hour-long period, let alone an entire evening. Glass washers are a great tool to ensure that you serve clean glasses to your customers with half the fuss of washing up. The brushes provide great, flexible cleaning qualities and The Restaurant Store sells the best brands.

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Cocktail Shakers & Accessories

Bartending is an art and each artist has their favourite tools and materials. At The Restaurant Store, there are over 250 cocktail shakers and accessories that you will not need to go anywhere else. From stirrers to shakers to caddies to glasses, your star bartender would even be impressed. Often, presentation is very important to the customer, so serving up a show while mixing a cocktail might be the difference between charging a small amount or a little more. So if you are interested in a muddler or a strainer for those fancier beverages, there's a wide selection waiting for you.

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Cellar Equipment

Even though these bar essentials are behind the scenes, they are a necessary requirement for keeping your business running smoothly. The Restaurant Store carries beer line magnets (effective in the ionisation of the liquid), beer keg checks, and cellar thermometers. These items may not be at the top of your list for what to buy to improve customer experience, they are all related to it. Cellar equipment can be the difference between proper and foul-tasting beverages.

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Bar Trays

Does your bar have plastic trays? Wooden trays? Copper trays? Do your glasses match with your trays? Do you like trays that are slip-resistant? The Restaurant Store has you covered with over 195 tray products to choose from.

With numerous colours, shapes, uses, materials and endless abilities to mix and match, your ability to get the drink and food from bar to customer is figured out for you.

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Bar Blenders

To prepare for those hot summer months, you should think about investing in a bar blender. Blended margaritas, daiquiris, and bellinis will boost sales for those looking to switch a warm liquored beverage for something refreshing and fruity.

You can also consider adding a blender to your back of house pub equipment to create bigger sizes of dips (guacamole, salsa or hummus) or soups in the winter. These are usually key staples of a pub menu.

There are many options when considering blender to add to your bar equipment. The Restaurant Store carries everything from digital to manual, 1.5L to 4.0L, high powered and silent. These options are there to suit your individual needs. For example, at the bar, it is probably best to get a noise shielding blender, so as not to pollute the positive atmosphere and happy chatter with loud blending noises.

Considering the use of the blender is key to deciding which features to look for: smooth foods don't need as much power as iced beverages; are you just in the need for blending, or do you require cutting and slicing too?

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Bar Fixtures & Fittings

Fixtures and fittings are the small pieces of bar equipment that keep your bar or pub running smoothly. Anything from mats and shelf linings to drainers and drip trays, they are the small touches that customers notice and create efficiency in the workplace. Bar mats and shelf linings are the grip you need to ensure everything stays where you place it and surfaces are not damaged by spills. Running a bar, there will be many spills, so a drainer and a bar mat is the perfect way to protect the beautiful wood of the bar. Customers will also appreciate them when the overflow from a drink runs into the rubber of the mat, rather than creating a pool around their glass. Floor mats have multiple purposes: from keeping your staff members standing upright even when the bar becomes busy and spills are plenty, to protecting their bodies from long hours of standing on a hard surface. Speed rails and bottle brackets are great tools for storage and opening space on counters and on the bar top. Easy to set up and coming in different sizes to suit your needs. Notice boards and signs for bars are something else you might want to personalise your bar or pub. Whatever the rules are in your establishment, signs are available for you to give notice to your patrons. These come in a variety of sizes and styles. Also available are notices for the law so you can post them and feel secure in the legality of your bar.

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Bar Accessories

Fancy posh snack bowls? A selection of jugs and measurers? How about needing corkscrews and bottle sealers? These are the knick-knacks that keep your product fresh and your customers served happily.

The Restaurant Store offers bottle collectors and disposal units to keep your establishment clean and tidy, and different drink systems to suit your bar or pub's unique style.

Storage is a very important aspect of the management of any bar or pub. They are often small spaces packed to the gills of people who want to drink and be happy. Ensuring that everything you need has its own place is the key to finding success.

From glass hangers to boxes with compartments, the ability to store additional glasses and bottles can be the least of your worries.

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Wine Coolers & Stands

Picture it: big event, a lot of bottles of champagne and wine, celebratory music on... no wine coolers. That is not a situation to be in. With over 50 products to choose from, there are wine coolers in many shapes, sizes and designs from comfortable and basic to fancy and matching with a stand. Allow your customers to feel the class of your establishment with the ability to keep a bottle of wine chilling during their entire meal or evening out.

Having a bar or a pub can be stressful and intimidating. But it doesn't have to be when it comes to shopping around for items that you need to help your business run smoothly and to keep your staff and customers happy. Little touches like bar mats and wine coolers can elevate your bar's status and essential pub equipment like a blender can help you add frozen cocktails to your menu board and increase the speed you make salsa in the kitchen. The Restaurant Store has everything you need.

Shop Wine Coolers & Stands

Remember, these are your essentials but make sure to browse through The Restaurant Store's complete range of bar supplies for everything you'll ever need to run and manage successful bar.

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