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How To Choose Your Restaurant Furniture

3 Mar 2023, 6:00 PM

how to choose your
Restaurant Furniture

Choosing the right restaurant furniture requires a lot of thought because you need to consider the appearance, size and comfort of each piece you buy, and how it fits in with the type of establishment you run. From tables to booths, sofas to barstools and everything in between, here are some top tips for choosing restaurant furniture that is both stylish and practical.

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Think About The Layout And Capacity

Whether you’re a bijou café or a spacious fine dining restaurant, you need to think very carefully about the space you have to play with. Capacity is critical for all restaurants, because you want to have enough people in to cover your costs, but have to balance that with leaving enough room for people not to feel cramped. Nobody likes dining in an over-crowded restaurant and waiting staff need space to move easily between tables.

Smaller restaurants might need to consider more compact tables which seat couples or parties of four, pushing together tables to accommodate larger groups as the need arises. Restaurants with more floor space can stretch to larger tables. Try working out what your average party size is before deciding on the size and shape of your tables.

Seating Layout Options

As a general rule of thumb, each diner will require between one and two square metres of floor space. Restaurant tables vary in size and shape so the space you have will largely determine the best solution for you. Round tables tend to vary in size between 600mm in diameter for couples and 1,200mm in diameter for groups of six. These are a nice choice for a more casual dining experience, as are booths. Booths can be custom-made to size, to ensure they fit the space you have, and tend to incorporate both the table and seating. They’re a great space saver, particularly in fast food restaurants or more casual establishments.

Square tables are another option, usually varying from 600mm X 600mm for couples to 1,200mm X 800mm for a group of four. One advantage to square tables is that they’re easier to push together for larger parties, to form one long table which takes up less space than a grouping of circular tables. Square tables are very versatile, and an excellent choice for smaller spaces where they can easily be pushed up against walls.

Putting Comfort First

Comfort should be high on the agenda when choosing restaurant furniture. The last thing any diner wants is a hard chair or a table that is too low or too high for them to eat comfortably.

In fine dining establishments, you would probably expect patrons to spend a good couple of hours at their table. Good upholstery is vital, in such instances, so you’ll want to buy chairs that are well upholstered and finished with plush materials. For places where you want the turnaround times to be much quicker, chairs which are a little harder might be more appropriate as long as they’re not uncomfortable.

Furniture Mobility

While you probably wouldn’t consider this for furniture in your own home, you do need to think about the mobility and ‘stackability’ of restaurant furniture. Regular cleaning means that chairs may need to be stacked, or upturned so they can be positioned on top of tables while the floors are swept and mopped.

If your restaurant chairs are going to have to be positioned on top of tables, you probably won’t want chairs with armrests. Restaurants with a more limited budget might want to think about chairs made with wood, plastic or metal frames, which can be stacked to minimise the floor space they take up. For larger or more well-upholstered furniture, you can buy trolleys to help move them around during cleaning operations.

Choosing Versatility

Versatility is important when it comes to choosing restaurant furniture. If you have an outdoor seating area, then choosing water-resistant furniture which is specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use is a sensible move. Most weather-resistant furniture will be made from metals or plastics and will be labelled as suitable for outdoor use.

Look for furniture which has built-in features such as UV or corrosion resistance, and furniture which is designed to be easy to clean. Furniture which is placed outdoors needs to stay looking at its best whatever the weather might throw at it, so it pays to invest in something which will last.

Find Your Dream Restaurant Furniture

Restaurants should be comfortable and relaxing places to be, because the more relaxed your diners are, the more they will enjoy the experience and return again in the future. When it comes to choosing your perfect restaurant furniture, The Restaurant Store has everything you could possibly need. Whether you’re looking for stylish tables, comfy yet practical chairs or classic barstools, we have one of the most diverse restaurant furniture catalogues to be found anywhere.

All our furniture is manufactured using the finest quality materials, displaying workmanship that is built to last. We have furniture to suit every sort of establishment, from little local bistros to glamorous fine dining establishments and everything in between. To find the best restaurant furniture to suit your restaurant, simply browse our online collection today or get in touch for more advice and guidance.

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