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Pro Restaurants & Catering Essential Food Prep Machines

18 Mar 2020, 4:50 PM

Pro Restaurants & Catering Essential Food Prep Machines

At Restaurant Store we stock a wide selection of professional food prep machines designed to be right at home in any busy kitchen. Offering superior functionality, usability, and reliability, our professional food prep machines make a compelling investment for all sized restaurants and catering businesses.

What can we offer? And what are the benefits?

Bakery equipment

The right bakery equipment can make baking a breeze and remove the time and labour required to make delicious baked products in bulk. Our pizza dough rollers, for example, eliminate the need to roll dough by hand. They offer the ability to make consistent thickness pizza bases, every time, allowing you to make your pizza production that much more efficient. They're not just for pizza, though, the adjustable thickness of the cutter means they can be used for all manner of other breads as well. Stainless steel construction ensures complete durability, as well as being easy to clean and hypoallergenic.


Dehydrators, naturally, are used for removing the moisture from ingredients. This can be used for a number of reasons - making them last longer in storage, intensifying and locking in the flavour, or making specific dried menu items such as fruit/vegetable chips and jerky. There are many different types of food dehydrators available depending on the size of your kitchen, the frequency of use, and the way you tend to use your dehydrators. You can, for example, get a simple four draw dehydrator which is suitable for smaller kitchens and more occasional use. There are also dehydrators with up to nine draws available, for larger catering operations or bulk dehydrating.

Food Mixers

A food mixer is an excellent way of combining multiple ingredients together at the same time. It's far more time-efficient and convenient than the old fashioned way of mixing by hand, especially when you're operating a busy kitchen catering for customers. Food mixers vary by the capacity of ingredients they're able to mix at a time, and their power rating. Larger, more powerful mixers can naturally mix a larger volume of ingredients more quickly. A number of different features can come with different models, such as different mixing attachments and automatic timing/mixing modes.

Food processors

Food processors and food mixers provide similar levels of convenience when it comes to dealing with large volumes of ingredients, though their functions are slightly different. Food mixers combine ingredients - such as whisked items or baking ingredients. Food processors, on the other hand, provide a more intense function, more akin to chopping, slicing, and even grating. A professional kitchen will likely need both a food mixer and food processor. As with mixers, food processors come with a variety of different bowl capacities, power ratings, and various attachments to provide the right functionality you need.


A mincer, as the name implies, minces all manner of ingredients - traditionally meat, but in reality, you can mince anything a recipe calls for. Buying and mincing your own fresh meat in your kitchen is a more affordable way than buying pre-made mince, and it also tastes much better. A mincer can provide the mince for all manner of dishes, such as chilli, lasagne, and your own in-house burgers. The right mincer for you will depend on how much meat you need to mince on a daily basis, and how quickly you need to do it. All catering-grade mincers will be reliable, durable, and easy to keep clean.

Pasta machines

There's nothing quite like hand made pasta, but it's a time-consuming and laborious process that's easy to get wrong in a busy kitchen. Pasta machines exist to offer the same approximation of freshly made pasta, but without the time-consuming difficulty. Modern pasta machines work like bread makers, in as much as they process the and prepare the dough as well as cutting it to size and shape. All you need to do is measure out and add the ingredients, and the machine will do the rest. A selection of 'dies' are available as accessories, allowing you to cut different shapes of pasta - fusilli, macaroni, tagliatelle etc.


Slicers are designed to allow you to cut meat to even thickness with every pass. They provide peerless safety too in busy kitchens, with all manner of guards, shields, and guides to prevent skin from getting anywhere near the blade. A pro-grade slicer can process a large cut of meat in minutes, providing reliable slices with every pass. This works with all meats - beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc.

Berkel slicers

As a part of our comprehensive slicer range, Restaurant Store is proud to stock a variety of slicers from Berkel - offering premium grade cutting reliability and straight forward usability. A Berkel slicer is a wise investment in any sized kitchen, restaurant, or catering operation.

Stick blenders

Stick blenders are ideal for when you want to blend ingredients but you want a "rough blend", or you don't want the hassle of transferring the dish to a countertop blender. Stick blenders become particularly useful when it comes to making soups and sauces, as you can make the dish in a pan and blend it there rather than having to transfer it into a static blender. It also gives you finer control over the texture you want to achieve. Stick blenders come in a variety of sizes and power ratings, depending on your needs.

Vegetable prep machines

Vegetable prep is an essential, yet often laborious and thankless process. Vegetable prep machines take the hassle and the effort out of it by automating the process - allowing vegetables to be prepared to a high standard. Each machine will have its own set of features for preparing certain vegetables, peeling carrots or potatoes for example, so it pays to shop around. A vegetable prep machine will also allow you to ensure vegetables are freshly prepped, rather than done in bulk and stored.

You'll find all of these professional food prep machines at Restaurant Store. They're all pro-grade, reliable, and usable. Contact us today to make an investment in your kitchen's future.

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