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Spillage Kits
Spillage Kits
Spillage Kits
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Spillage Kits

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Robert Scott Super Dry Up Pack 10

Robert Scott Super Dry Up Pack 10

Price 21.77
Our Price 21.23 (25.48 inc. VAT)
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Code: F2-FA546
The Dry-up pad is idea for quickly removing slip risk liquid spills from hard surface such as oils in kitchens and restaurants. The absorption layer bonds with up to a litre of spilled liquid and coverts to gel in 30-150 seconds. read more...
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Spill-Aid power absorber 1 litre slider bag

Spill-Aid power absorber 1 litre slider bag

Price 14.90
Our Price 14.53 (17.44 inc. VAT)
You Save 0.37 (2%)
Code: F1-F9928
Spill-Aid power absorber is the UK's No.1 selling super absorbent. Spill-Aid reduces the need to stock a wide variety of absorbents. Spill-Aid absorbent granules absorb all liquids* or semi liquids of any viscosity from any surface, leaving the surface clean and dry instantly and safe to walk on. read more...
These highly absorbent pads can quickly be used to mop up spillages etc., providing a first line of defence against costly slip and fall injuries.

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